Brawliemuir Farm, Johnshaven, Montrose, Angus DD10 0HY

Tel: +44(0)1561 362453, Mobile: +44(0)7876 751959,

We have kennels available to use on request at any time, for a small charge, if you

   want to leave your dog on site whilst you go out for example.

Free wireless broadband Internet connection is available, although it’s not the fastest

   around, as we’re in the middle of the country.

Each cottage has a private outside space (garden or courtyard) for your exclusive

   use. Feel free to smoke there if you wish, but please don’t smoke indoors.

Dairy cottage is suitable for people with limited mobility, as it is all on one level

   and has wide internal doors that help with wheelchair access.

We encourage guests to help us recycle. We have boxes/bins available for paper, glass

   bottles, food tins and plastic bottles, inside the Bothy (opposite the cottages).

We now have a barbecue hut on site - enjoy camp cooking whatever the weather!

Our fresh farm eggs can be bought, when they’re available (the chickens don’t always

   lay to order!).

Both our cottages have the following facilities included:

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Dairy cottage is suitable for visitors with limited mobility!

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